Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Times At Bend

First of all "Happy Birthday" Crystal and my "son", David.
(card from Goggle)

I also must show off this "beautiful" baby, Allie. She was 2 lbs at birth. What a beautiful great-granddaughter DesertDale has.

Now now down to business. "Good morning to all".
DesertDale has order our "new chairs" for the rig. They will arrive, at Tammie's, in about 4 weeks, at Tammie's. Then we will have the fun of putting them in and listening to some strange language as they are being installed and the old couch removed.

Our stay at Bend has one great time. As Aunt Francis has, as always, had a feed fest.
Bend is in central Oregon. Population over 82,000. It does have year round recreational activities.
Explore first arrived here about 1834, from the Wyeth's Party. Bend was named Farewell Bend. It was shorten to Bend. It has a dry climate. With sunny days and cool nights, which makes the nights great to sleep in.
The population is claiming from 300 in 1904 to around 82,000 now.
The photo is just one of the fine views we get from Uncle John's house of tht "Sisters".
Once again we have enjoyed our stays at Bend very much.
DesertDale and the Kitfoxgal will be going out to a site were DesertDale can ride his "Old KTM" just one more time, before he gets his "new baby".
Aunt Francis just called out and said she had a fresh pot a coffee made. "Come and get it", that is if Kitfoxgal wants any, as DesertDale does not drink the stuff. He said it might stunt his growth.
Have a fun week-end. Kitfoxgal

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