Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Birding Adventure

 This Birding Adventure was to be posted.  It looks lke I forgot to post it. 
Getting old and forgetfull.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Algodones Adventure

DesertDale and Kitfoxgal went to Algdones to get Meds. and visit a friend , that live there.
Migel and his wife have a shop there on the main street.  The photo was taken last year.  Migel did not have his shop  set up yet.  So Kitfoxgal bought a pair of errings from his nephew , who also has a shop there on the main street.
Algodones has more pharmacies, doctors, dentists and opticians in a 4 blocks area  in the world.     Both Americans and Canadians  come over there for that meds.  You can ask around and get the same answer the doctors and dentists.
Algodones is about 7 miles from Yuma and about 20 miles from our site at Sidewinder.  It cost $6 to park yoour car , unless you drive over inot Mexico.  We never do , we just pay the $6 and walk over.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Tule Springs Birding Adventure In Vegas

On the road to Tule Springs for our treat for Saturday , here at our site in Goverment Wash. 
This is a view of Las Vegas from the road from Lake Mead.
This is a view of Tule Springs. We saw very few birds this time around.  Last year we had the pleasure of seeing this this beauty of a bird, the Common Peafowl, or Peacock.  They are very unmistakable.
This year all we saw was DesertDale's friend the Buzzard.  It is a large bird of prey.
We enjoyed the outing .

Friday, September 30, 2016

Henderson, NV. Birding Adventure Plus Wetlands Park

We have moved to one hot site from another.
DesertDale likes to take photos of birds, of any kind and I enjoy following him.
These are 2 Mallard Ducks seen at Bird Viewing Preserve in Henderson.

Henderson's Bird Viewing Preserve is locaited at their Water Reclamation Facility, near Galleria Dr. and the Boulder Highway.
There are some 100 acres of basins, lagoons and ponds .  The best time to go is in  the cooler months.  There are a few birds there even in the summer.

This was taken last year, when the fall migration was on at the Henderson site.
The fall migration is the is the best for you and the birds, such as Loons, Grebes, Cormorants,  Herons, Egrets, the Sandpipers, Ibisies, Gulls, Roadrunners and many more. This Tuttle and the Painte Tuttle are just 2 of the many animals wee seen.

Same tuttle in and out of water.

The Painted Tuttle is a smaller type.
As we come to the end of our walk this rabbit runs right if front of us.


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ely Train Adventure

 We are here at Ely for repairs to  our motorhome.  So there are other thing in  this town to see and do.
First night  here we recieved the first snow on the mountains.  It got very cold here at our motorhome, but no snow.
 So off we go to the Nevada Northern Railroad for a view of the railroad  facilities.  I worked at the Railroad Museum in Sacrmento, plus my husband worked for the S.P.
This their deport here at Ely.
This is a view of their railyard.
The museum has many activities .  They have train rides throughout the year, hand car races , lectures, plus  much more.  For more info at this site . 
This Mountain Bluebird is hiding from the photographer, DesertDale.
Enjoy life.  Kitfoxgal

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Donner Pass Birding Adventure

 We went to a site were DesertDale camped there many, many years ago, that is near Donna Summit.  This is a view of Dooner Lake today.
We did not see many birds there.  He did show sites where his Family set up camp at times..
 If you look hard you can see the S.P. Railroads lines.  Ooops I should say Union Pacific.
This is a old camp  site he used many, many years ago.  Never did see many birds, non that was worth take a photo of.  So I will share this one.
This is a Alomado Falcan, That DesertDale took a few years ago at the Spring Wings  Birding Festival in Fallon, Nv.
Enjoy Life.  Kitfoxgal

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Martis Creek Lake Birding Adventure

DsertDale took Kitfoxgal out on a birding advenseture because she was getting too damn crabby.  That did the trick folks.  Now I gave DesertDale a big hug.
Martis Creek Lake  was built when the Martis Creek dam was buiilt in 1972.  The Dam is 113 feet high and 2670 feet long.  It can hold up to 20,400 feet of water. and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
DesertDale took this photo of this fine old tree.  I sure it has seen many changes over the years.
This is a Brown Creeper was taken here at Alpine Meadows Camp Grounds.

Heading for Rio Linda in the morning.  DesertDale  said he would treat me to a lunch at Costco, in Sacramento, tomorrow, being that my attiude has changed.
DesertDale just told  me he got me a early Christmas gift, a new toilet for the  motorhome. Not every girl gets a toilet for a Christmas.

What ever you do enjoy life, as it is so short.  I differently have the right person to do that.  Kitfoxgal