Monday, June 26, 2017

Page Spring Adventure

 We took a Birding Adventure early this morning to Blitzen River Valley Auto Tour .  Before we left I snaped this photo of our visitors we had early this morning of Mom Deer and her Fawn.

The Malheur National Wildlife is managed  by BLM, was dedicated in 1908.  It is a favorite destination for Birds.  About 220 species there.
 We arrived at the of the Blitzen River Valley.  Beatiful over look of the Valley.  It is a 42 mile self -guided auto tour, which is south of our camp site at Page Spring.
Each pond of water has it own name: Mud Lake, Harney Lake and  Maleur Lake. In a wet year they become Oregon's largest lake. 
From the overlook you might see birds such as the Yellow Warbler
or even a Great White Egret
Then once on the road back to Frenchglen for our stop at the only grocery store in town for our a ice cream fixed.
Somerange post office was established in1923.  Then  in 1930 the name was changed to Frenchglen.
DsertDale stopped on the road so the snake could pass safe

One last look at the wandering deer going through our campground..

Enjoy life.   Kitfoxgal

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