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Sunset Crater Volcano Adventure

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The Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument is in Arizona.  It is within the San Francisco Volcanic Field.
Then in 1930  President Hoover proclation of it a Naional Monument.
There is a one-mile, self -guided loop trail located at the base of Sunset Crater.  Hiking to the summit is not permittted. It is along Highway 89, north of Flagstaff.  The site is some 8028 ft. elv.
Sunset Crater Volcano last eruption about 1000 years ago. It is Arizona's youngest volcano.

Each time the volcano erupts life changes.  Farming in the high desert by the Wupatki had many challenges.  The Wupatki lived with very little water and the climate  was very hot and dry.
Their living structures raged from singles family to high-rse.  The largest dewlling was about 100 rooms.

The environment provided the materials for their dwelling.  They used sandstone  slabs, lime-stone blocks and   chucks of basalt set with a clay-based mortar provided a sturdy building marerial..  Some of their buildings are still standing.

This was a arena was their community room.

People have been living there  for before the volcano erupted.  There is no  evidnce what they called their selves.  They think they are from  the Sinaguma culture.  They were farmers , that lived in groups, next to their corn  fields.  Thier homes were pithomes, dug partly in the ground . 

Life involved sharing and trading.

In 1250 the volcano had had quieted , pueblos stood empty.   The people of Wupatki had moved on and established new homes in the Colorado Plateau.

Thanks goes to  the National Park Service for the info.
Nestled between the Painted Desert and ponderosa highlands of northern Arizona, Wupatki is a landscape of legacies. Ancient pueblos dot red-rock outcroppings across miles of prairie. Where food and water seem impossible to find, people built pueblos, raised families, farmed, traded, and thrived. Today, if you linger and listen, earth and artifacts whisper their stories to us still.

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