Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Millican's Animals That We Enjoyed

Good afternoon to all my readers. This is a photo of Mt. Shasta, on Hwy. 97, as we traveled to the Pollock Pines area for doc. appointments.
I almost forgot about this pretty little bird. It is a "Mountain Bluebird". Seen from Alaska to W. Canada to SW. U.S. It lives in open country with some trees also in treeless terrain. Hope you enjoy the photo. DesertDale took this one last year in same area. Seen several this year but no good photos.
We had a enjoyable few days at Millican OHV Area , near Bend,OR. We also enjoyed Aunt Frances and Uncle John's hospitality.
We also enjoyed watching all the little animals that came by to visit at the Millican site. Such as:

The "Western Kingbird" it is common thought-out the western U.S. and Southern Canada. It is often seen on the East Coast in the fall. It usually stay around human habitation and they also use telephone poles, fence posts and other man-made structures for nesting.

The "Rufous Hummingbird" Their voices are short single notes. They are always on the go to attack the flowers and feeders.
Look for them in the spring in California, summer in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska and The Rocky Mountains in the fall as they make their circuit of the west.
DesertDale took these great photos of hummers from inside the motorhome.

The "Black Angus" cattle: They are the most poplar beef breed of cattle in the U.S. Mr. Grant brought the first black Angus to Victoria, Kansas in the 1800's.
This "cute" little guy came by with his family on their afternoon rounds. There was about a dozen or so in the heard. They left plenty of "evidents" around, letting us known they were here.

Home ward bound we go. I must say as we get closer to distention Kitfoxgal

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