Friday, January 07, 2011

PotLuck At Ehrenberg

Good morning to all.  Cloudy out but no wind  which makes it very enjoyable at the morning fire.  Thanks to Loyal for all he has done to make the morning coffee happen. 
Also must "thank "the folks who brought the fire wood.  It has been enjoyed  at morning fires and evening fires, when we have one, by all.

We had a very exalt "pot-luck lunch" yesterday, with the help of people from the 24 rigs, here at our Ehrenberg site.

We had  raw veggies to desserts of many kinds.  There was no wind. The only thing I could see wrong was there no band playing.

I muct share this photo DesertDale took of a hummingbird, feeding off of our hummingbird feeder that hangs on our rigs window.  Belive me it is different.

Heading for a walk out here in the desert.  See you all the next posting.

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