Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lake Havasu Adventure

Good morning to all.  What  a week-end this gang has had this past week here at Lake Havasu.

First of all we had a A1 sites and no one chased us out, like the did last year.
Then there was the "WORCS Races" to watch.   We were park just about 100 yards from the track.

Kent and Leann rig was park next to us.  I all most forgot to say Mr. Baily was also enjoying the races and the wide open space.

Leann and Kitfoxgal went shopping one day, while the men watched the races.  We also had lunch on the warph at "Javelina Cantina".  I think Lean might have pick her a cute waiter up.  He would pass my requirements. So even left him a 10.00 tip, almost as much as our lunch.. "Yummie Good".  We did even set out on the patio.

DesertDale and Kent stayed at our site and watched the races, along with Baily.

I love to watch the guys go around and around the track.  It reminds me of watching DesertDale ride his KTM, which he truly enjoys.
They had a joyous time watching the races.

Sunday the Pros will be racing.  First one at 7:30a.m.  We watch the first one at 7:30 by the fence.  Then I watched the other races from our rig.

Oh! Yes I almost for got to say, if you went in side the track, people over 65 got in free.  So that  was going to leave "Poor Kent"  paying 20.00 to get in.  But the ticket man felt sorry for Kent and let him in free also.

Those men that make up the track with the bozo do one mighty good job at it and work until about 10 p.m.

Hope you all enjoy these photo as much as I did ,watching DesertDale take them.

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