Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Parker Events

Colorado River
Hello folks.

We arrived at our Parker site.   Happy to be there, even if we were not invited but was still  "Welcome".

We had some excitement on our first day there.  We seen this group of folks standing by the edge of the ravine looking down at a green pick-up that had resided to make a new road down the side of the ravine.

They said he went drove down about 12:30a.m.  the night before.  He was still inside the cab.  Not hurt but just bagged up. 

By the time the medics got there it started to heat up.  He was very lucky that it was not one of those 90 degree days.  They had to take him out in a 4wheeler, as he could not clime up the hill.  He was larger then Kent.

Called Craig and he said it sound like one of his friends , Larry.

You just never know what will happen wayy out here in this vast desert.

DesertDale is gone out on his KTM for a ride to Parker's Pecker.  Plus the birds are all around for DesertDale to take lots and lots of photos.

Enjoy life.  Kitfoxgal

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