Monday, May 09, 2011

The Mighty "Osprey"

This Osprey flys over head, at the Fish Lake Hot Spring, everyday that we were parked there, looking for his next meal.  He very seldoms went away hungry. If he does not succeed the first time, he will be back.
Here are a few magnificent photos that DesertDale was able to get.

The Osprey is sometimes known as the sea hawk or fish eagle.  Is a fish-eating bird of prey.
The Osprey is brown on the upper part of and grayish on the head and underparts, with a black patch on the wings.

They have Osprey has  a wide variety of habitats.  They will nest in any location near a body of water as long as there is enough food for them, like the       "gold fish".
They only content they are not found in is Antarctica.

Forgot to post this last week.  Soo here it is.

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