Friday, July 01, 2011

Pronghorns Near Spencer Hot Springs

Good Morning to all my reads, even if you have a big mouth, like some people that are known to have one.

What a bright sunny  day we are having, after the past few days of rain and wild.  It only rained a small amount.  But it did settle the dust.
As DesertDale was out riding his KTM when he seen these two pronghorns walking, not far from our site, at Spencer's.
Then we seen a small heard as we were going into Austin for our mail.

Each summer and fall the adult males, pronghorns, grows a hard sheath 9".  It tapers to a point and it does have a prong that they sheds in the winter.
They  can run up to 30 mph for 15 miles, with spirits up to 70mph.
They are unable to jump over high fences like the deers do.
They have their young in May and June.
They live in the "Southwest".

What fine site DesertDale picked out here at Spencer's.  DesertDale road some 50 miles yesterday , on his KTM.


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