Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pahranagat Wildlife Area, We Have Arrived

Good afternoon to all my readers. 

This is a view of what we see, from our site at "Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge" site.
It is very peaceful and lots of birds to view all around, such as mallards, mojave rattlesnake  in the spring and summer;  bald eagles,  american avocet, desert tortoise, in the fall;  tundra swan, green winged teal, the northern shoveler in the winter. That is just a few of the different types of birds you might see.
You might even see one of   the spotted sandpipper.  It was just down from our site.  DesertDale went back to the rig to get his camara and the sandpipper was still there  when Mr. Southern came back.
You might be lucky enough to have glimpse of a road runner, as I did when I took my daily walk.  I did not have my camara with me so had to use one that was taken back in 2005.  All I can say I got a real fast viewing of him.

Upper Pahranagat Lake is about 4 miles east of Alamo, on 93.   in 1963 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service designated 5380 acres of lakes, marshes, wet meadows and desertuplands as Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge.  It is a stopover for waterfowl and songbirds as they migrate south in the winter and north in th winter.

Last night the rangers had a star show up the picinc tables, here at Pahranagat.  Thanks to all that put in on.  It lasted some 3 hours and the sky's was clear.

After our stay a Pahranagat, we will beheading towards Searchlight.  Then on to our home territory, off of Sidewinder Rd..  DesertDales son, Ken, from North Caolina, well be out .  They want to ride their bikes together, as they use to years ago.


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