Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hard Workers In The Desert

 Good morning folks.  It is going to be a very warm day here in this dry, hot, desert, but love it better then that cold, wet and cloudy days else were.
DesertDale and Ken had a couple of days of riding their KTM's , now it is time to put those bodies to work.
DesertDale is puting brake shoes on his pick-up.  Ken is replaceing some part in the rear-in of his truck.  Did not have a photo of him working, so just posted one of him getting ready to ride his KTM.

 The two men are off to Yuma, to get parts for their trucks.

DesertDale and Ken also working on their KTM's.
The little kitfox was out by the door last night, when Ken left, to go back to his tent.  The little guy was not a bit scared.  I think Ken enjoyed the kitfox's last night.

The men are off to Yuma for parts.  See what they come back with.  Kitfoxgal

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