Friday, April 27, 2012

Fish Lake Hot Springs Plus Birds Of Many

Good morning to all my readers. We are enjoying "Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs" to the fullest.
So we will start right off with photos and info.
 This is "Fish Lake Hot Springs".
Is about 7 miles on a real good dirt road.  There are 3 ponds. One Hot Tub Soak  that a group from Bishop "motorcycle club" keeps up.
Boundary Peak, Nevada's highest point at 13,140 feet is to the west of Fish Lake Vally. The  area has long been a place for alfalfa farms and cattle and horse ranches. There is BLM 'open range' land in the area where cattle are allowed to roam and feed on the natural grasses.  There is geothermal springs, mountains . Plus lots of wild life and birds of many.
"Lark Sparrow".   They are in a family of large sparrows.
"Yellow-headed  Black Bird".  He was seen at "Rhyolite".
"Cassin's Vireo" . This was taken at Beatty.
"Eared Grebe" . They go to Mono Lake and Great Salt Lake. They nest in colonially.
"American Coot".  He is one of the most familiar waterbirds.

Will it is lunch time.  DesertDale is taking me to Dyer for lunch and to get our mail.  Dyer is about 20 miles away.


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