Sunday, June 24, 2012

Birding We Go In Hatfield Birding Area

                                                              (Brewer’s Sparrow)
Good morning to all, especially to Sharon Bires.
These photos of the Brewer's Sparrow was taken early this morning at Hatfield Lake  near Bend.  We did not see to many birds but what a joy it was to get out and move around, after yesterdays rain.
We seen this deer on our way to the Hatfield Lake area.  He even stead long enough for DesertDale to snap this photo.
                                                      (Brewer's Sparrow)
Hatfield Lake is the sewage treatment facility for the city of Bend. Access to the site is limited to walking into the ponds.
The first pond is only a short walk from gate.
The lagoons surrounded by some sagebrush, scrub and juniper. This is a good birding spot in all seasons.   Ducks can be found there and a variety of shorebirds are usually there during migration time. 
Rails can be heard in the cattails and a variety of other types  use this at breeding time. 
The  Eared Grebes  breed here.  The  Sparrows and Loggerhead Shrikes use the sagebrush  and  scrub areas. Pinyon Jay flocks often in  the area.
                                                           ( Mountain Chickadee)
Just had to show this little guy.  We had the pleasure of seeing him at our site, off Butler Market Rd. in Bend.
 I am running out of things to post so will say (So long for now.).

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