Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Magpie Fun

Good after noon folks.  What a fine summer day we have here at Bend.
DesertDale took me on a ride around Mt. Bachelor.  We seen a few animals along the way, such as the this doe and the osprey , getting his lunch..
A few days ago we took a ride, in a area not far from Aunt Frances's home.and seen these magpies, wondering around this park.  The baby magpie was whantinng his mother to feed him.   She finelly did.

Magpies live in plain areas or where there are not many trees.  They build there nest in light shrubery ot con1ferous plants.  They also are found in many public parks.
They will eat beries or seeds. They also eat inscects, small lizards, rats and mice.  Road side kill are part of their diets.  They are belived to be one of the most intelligert of all animals.

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