Monday, July 16, 2012

Alfalfa Curves OHV Area

Good morning to all my readers.  Clouds are up here in the sky, but few and far away. 
We finally moved from one of my least favourite sites to "Alfalfa Curves OHV Area.  I have no idea why but I was just tuned off by that site, Millican OHV Area.

DesertDale seen his first, female Mountain Blue Bird, here at this site in 2011.  They are out there now but can not seen them.
The female Mountain Bluebird is a dull brownish, with a touch of blue.  There range is from Alaska to SW. U.S.  They live in open country with trees.  Winter in treeless terrain.
(DesertDale years, years ago at the SALT Flats)
Did have the pleasure of watch "Motor Cross" with DesertDale .  Jame Stewart was out with injuries.
Dungey won on his KTM.

Hope you enjoy life as much as I do with DesertDale, even if I do get pissed at him now and then,he is one of finest person around.  Kitfoxgal.

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