Thursday, July 26, 2012

House Repairs At Aunt Frances

Good morning folks. The men are still working their b--ts off. All I can say it has not rain on them.
Not much going on right now, so will throw a few of DesertDale photos in.
This is a "Swallowtail Butterfly". You will fine them in Willows, Poplars, Alders, orchard trees, in May-Sept.
This beauty is a "Tree Swallow". They like the wetlands and of course towns. They summer west of the Cascades.
This beauty is a "Ash-throated Fly Catcher".They like the dry country. Very seldom go to the east coast.
Will it is about time the men got their b--ts back to work.
Hope to see you all some place down the road, one of theses days. Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as DesertDale does taking them.


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