Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Millican OHV Area & East Fork Rock OHV

Good morning folks.
Doug this blog is to show you our site at Millican OHV Area.  We find many thing to do out here in the wilderness.
There are many trails for Dale to ride his  KTM on.  Plus room for him to work on his bike. 
These "pronghorn antelope" pasted our path as we were coming into camp

The "King Bird" was after this "Redtail Hawk". The "Redtail Hawk" was looking for something to eat.
This "Ash Throated Fly Catchers"  was up in the tree , we were setting under.  DesertDale was real careful when shot this photo.
There are birds of many kind to go Birding . We do lots of hiking.
As you can see by the top photo there is shade for us  to set our chairs out and read, plus have a coke or beer.  Eat lunch out in the pines.
The " Common Blue Butterfly " are many.  They land any place, as you can see.
I better close this , as it is getting to long.  Hope you enjoy it.  Kitfoxgal

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