Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kingston, Nevada Fun Trip

Good morning to all you fine folks, out there in this land of "beauty".This is a view of "Kingston Creek"near Kingston, NV.
This is the "saloon" in Kingston, open 10 to 7.
Kingston is a small town in Nevada.  There are some 110 living there now.  It was a booming town in 1865.
To reach Kingston you need to travel on the "Loneliest Road In America"                (Highway 50), then onto 376.
Kingston became a mining town in 1864.  A 20 Stamp Sterling Mill was built in 1865 plus a post office.  All activity ceased in 1870. 
Then activity started back up in 1881.  Things went into over drive.  Even a school was built.  Then in 1911 the Mining Co. shut down.  The massive stone ruins still stand. ( very few) 
There are good fishing and hiking in the area.  There is a small
"Kingston Campground in the Kingston Canyon area.  They do have water and restrooms.  You might even be lucky ans spot one of those "Bighorn Sheep" that roam the area. 
This is what is left of the "General Store".

DesertDale out riding his KTM once again, so he can find a good site to take me on ride tomorrow in his pick-up.

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