Friday, January 18, 2013

Shrimp Boat At Hackberry

Good afternoon folks. It has been one of those days where we have been on the go sense we got out out bed this morning. 
We are on the move to Ajo, AZ.  Whoop!!!
We had one interesting trip to Florida.  We got on our way to Florida the last of Oct.  Made it back to good "Good Old Arizona" Jan. 18th.
"Thank you Mr. Southern for one fine trip."  We did have our ups and downs  but it was very interesting.  See so many things, as this was my first time to many of the places we went to.
There is much the refuge in Hackberry.  You can fish, go craping, plus fish for shrimp all from the bank. 
There are casting areas built on the banks in the area.
The shrimp rules allow 5 gallons of shrimp per day per can.  The can weigh up to 25 to 30 lbs.
The average shimps per cast is 4 to 8 shrimp.  Which comes our to be about 125 casts for a 5 gallon bucket.
A person, in good shape, could get his limit in 30 ninutes on a good day.

The net size you use is  5' but nothing over a 6' net .  You may be sited.
For bate you use a "poggie" mix with a little water, just ebough to make a ball about the size of a gulf ball. 
I never could fine out what you mix up together to make poggie besides water.
It is best to go shrimpy on days when the current is strong?  I think that is what I heard.
More info at Sabine National Wildlife Refuge.
My blog at has the photos.  I still have not found out how to put photos on this one.  Kitfoxgal

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