Monday, March 18, 2013

Luscombe 1947 Landed Bouse Site

Good morning to all my readers. 

We have moved on to "Turkey Mesa" but before we left we had a surprise for us.  It was Wayne Fletcher and his partner Sandra Mueller, with their Luscombe 1947(ae) landing at our site,  at our Bouse site.
What a surprise it was to us all at our "Happy Hour".
1933: (Donald A) Luscombe Airplane Co, Kansas City MO. First plant was the old Butler Blackhawk facility. 1935: New plant at Mercer County Airport, West Trenton NJ. Firm also did aircraft maintenance and operated the Luscombe School of Aeronautics, with students providing some of the production labour force. 1939: Don Luscombe edged out of company after public stock sales resulted in financial control being taken over by Leopold Klotz, who in turn was removed from management during WW2 because of his Austrian citizenship and the firm vested by the Alien Property Custodian Division of the Treasury Dept to manufacture components for Grumman Corp. 1944. (info from goggle)
We enjoyed Wayne showing us  his aircraft.  That was quite a show seeing that plane land in our field of motorhomes at Bouse.
Now we are at Turkey Mesa, with just a few of boondokers around.  The birding has been A1 in Parker DesertDale has said.
Time to taks a walk.  Kitfoxgal has been sitting on her butt to long.

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