Thursday, April 11, 2013

Six Mile Cove At Lake Mead Adventure

                                                 (photo from goggle)
DesertDale took Kitfoxgal on a riding adventure to Six Mile Cove at Lake Mohave,  just out side of Searchlight.
Six Mile Cove is the widest part of the Mohave River.  Many tree stumps just under the water and small live trees in the water.  Very crowded launch littered with tons of beach users, vehicles, etc. The water is choppy. Many tree stumps just under the water and trees in the water.  Nice for a days drive from Searchlight.
 The beach are sandy, with some stones and rocks.  Plus the mosquitoes are bad until the wind comes up.
The best months are May, June and July.  Plus the 6 mile cove is a frequently used spot for the locals on the week-end.

You have about 6 miles of dusty, dirty road, plus  a few bumps to get to the  water.
 Following info on Lake Mead:                                                      (photo from goggle)
The reservoir created by the damming of the Colorado River became Lake Mead, named after Elwood Mead, the Bureau of Reclamation commissioner at the time. The newly formed lake drew thousands of visitors to this wondrous contrast of desert and water. Lake Mead National Recreation Area became the first national recreation area in 1964. Today, millions of visitors each year come to enjoy the many recreational opportunities found within the park’s diverse landscape.

Enjoy life now, while you can.  Kitfoxgal

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