Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mason Valley Wildlife Management Area Adventure

Good afternoon to all my readers.  Now that I am back to normal.  I can maybe get a posting done today. 
The "American White Pelican" has a wingspan of around 9ft.  DesertDale took this photo this morning, on our birding outing, before I did our laundry in town.  Plus DesertDale is in              "seventh heaven.".

Mason Valley Wildlife Management Area is  just outside Yerington. It has some  16,600-acre ranch is managed by the Nevada Department of Wildlife for waterfowl, deer, turkey, pheasant, quail, bass, and trout, plus other wildlife. The trout grow fast here and the bass are plentiful. There are a total of 36 ponds in the wildlife area. Only four, Hinkson Slough, Bass Pond, Crappie Pond, and North Pond,  are open to fishing. The other 32 ponds are closed to all trespass to permit undisturbed waterfowl nesting and rearing during spring and summer. Type of Fish: Rainbow, brown, and cuttbow trout; largemouth bass and sunfish.
This site has more info:

I took a hard fall at "Fish Valley Lake" and forgot many of things.  DesertDale took me to the hospital in Reno.  After a few hours there I pronounced that I had a mild concussion.  With rest  and "love" I would be fine.
As we still had a few weeks be for we had to be in the Sacramento area , we just headed back to Mason Valley Wildlife Area.

Now it is shower time.   Kitfoxgal

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