Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wison Caynon Surprise Ride

Good morning to all my "sweet" readers out there, in this land of beauty.
DesertDale is at it once again, with a surprise ride. This was a A1 surprise.  To much was a joy, I will not be able to tell all.     
 One stop was at was at the "Walker River Rest Stop" on 95A.  It is a "great" site for birding.
 We spotted these "owls" in 2011 .  DesertDale was able to take a few photos of them.
 This year he was able to get this photo of a Western Tanager. As you can see he is trying his best to hide from DesertDale.
 This is a "Bullock's Oriole".  They are found in broadleaf woodlands and in towns.
 We went on 208 to Desert Creek Rd.  Where I had the thrill of DesertDale crossing the Lower Desert Creek 4 times.  We stopped at this camp site for a rest and birding.
 This is a view of a meadow out here in the "high mountain" desert.
Then on we went on Desert Creek Rd.  This site is a turning point that DesertDale took, many years ago on 4th of July with his "buddies" to Lobdell.

Hope you enjoy the picture show.  Had many more to post.

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