Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sonoita, AZ. Adventure With DesertDale

Good afternoon to all you fine folks out there, in this land of beauty.  We had another fine night of sleep with no other then Desert Dale.  There has not been no great winds here at the Fair Grounds in Sonoita. About 30 miles from Mexico border.  This photo is at the entrance of the fair grounds

The fairgrounds in  Sonoita is our camp site for the week. $10 a night no hook-ups but we do have trash service and water.  They do have electricity, we don't need it.  It is close to so many sites, so will park here for a week or so, then on our way to who knows where.

I must say it is one dry place., as you can see in the photo above.   It does get very little snow and rain in the winter.  The monsoon season starts in July and last 2 to 3 months.  There is out door actives year round.

 As the sign says "No Hunting of Prairie Dogs."Tried to find a photo of the little guys , but no luck.

They have their annul Rodeo on Labor Day Week-end.  Plus their Horse Show is in May.   

There is hiking,  they have wineries  and of course "Birding at Patagonia".

This is a good site for more info.

HISTORY - PatagoniaAZ PatagoniaAZ    Copied from Goggle.

Cattle ranching, mining and the railroads have come and gone, leaving Patagonia as a hybrid borderland culture with a population that is over half of Hispanic origin, consisting of shopkeepers, wellness enthusiasts and practitioners, artists, craftspersons, farmers, former cowboys, vaqueros, miners and retirees.  Goggle's info.

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