Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dale's 350 KTM

DesertDale just bought a 350 KTM new.  He made the deal over the Internet in Bend, Or. You guessed it, we just happen to be parked at our Sidewinder site in Yuma.
So off we go to Bend.  Left our rig parked at Sidewinder in AZ.  Drove not stop 950 miles the first day, except for eating, gas and potty.   Total 1100 miles and arrived at the Dealers early day 2.  

DesertDale received $2500.00 for his 250 KTM, which had over 8000   miles on it.
(It just so happen the sales man was cute.) As soon as we had all the corrected papers and money passed hands we headed back to our "Home Sweet Home" at Sidewinder Rd.

We stoped over in Austin, Nevada.  Stayed at this motel for 60.00 a night.  The floor squeaked every time we walked on it, you heard the people talking in the next room and you knew what they were watching TV, you could also hear the toilet being flushed..  We stayed because we had along day of driving and another a 600 miles drive a head of us, to our home rig, Hoping thing were A-OK there
  When we drove there Vegas, DesertDale check the mileage at the start and when we got throw it was 35 miles long.

When we pasted the Solar Plant on 95, it was getting larger then when we first passed by it several years ago.  Here is a site that gives you more info at :    Nevada Copper Mountain Plant.

   Enjoy life.  Kitfoxgal

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