Friday, May 01, 2015

Titus Canyon - Death Valley Adventure

We went to Lara and Kevin's home, near Beatty.   Lara took us on a ride though Titus Canyon . 
The best part was the run through  Titus Canyon.  As you know it is one way, there is no doubt about it being one way.
We did have the pleasure of seeing a few burrows on 95 after we left Lara's.
Out here in the Sonora Desert, that covers over 120,000 square miles.
Lara was in the lead , as she wanted to show us where  a lot of wild flowers were at.  

This is a Larkspur.  They are poisonous.
 This is a Mariposa Lily .  They bloom in April-June.
We had lunch at Stovepipe Wells with Lara. (photo from goggle)
I just had chicken legs, Lara had chili and DesertDale had hamburger, all good.


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