Friday, December 25, 2015

Cibola NWR Adeventure On Christmas Eve

We have been here at Cibola for just a little over a week.  Enjoyed ever minute of it. 
Cibola NWR was established 1964.  Here is a good site to get more info.  
There are many types of bird and animals that are seen here.  Here are just a few that we have had the pleasure of viewing and of course DesertDale taken the photos of.
This is 2 Bald Eagles, adult female and her young.   They eat fish and carrion.  They were endangered at one time.  They are making a come back.
 This is a Burrowing Owl.  They dig their nest in open fields and often in  old ground squirrels holes and prairie dogs sites.
Hart Mine Processing Plant
This appears to have been a processing plant but was destroyed when the operation went bust. Decent location for metal detecting but plan on finding tons of nails and metal scraps buried.  This photo was taken from Google.  We were just in the area were the mine use to be.

This is a Antelope Squirrel  making his home out here in the vast desert. 

The Deer was many,  over 50 , eating along with the  Sand Hill Cranes, in the fields of cut corn.
The corn is planted in the spring by the crew at Cibola.
This beauty is a Great Egret .  They are found in Southern Nevada and South West Arizona.  They are found in marshes, riversides and lakeshores.

There are about 240 species of birds seen at Cibola NWR.  Plus mule deer, coyotes and bobcats, beaver, kit foxes and badgers.
Snow Geese and a Blue Goose, that we seen 2 off.
Donkey have been seen here but DesertDale and Kitfoxgal did not have the pleasure of seeing any.  This was taken over at Spencer's, our hot tub site.
Cibola  is a site where there  much to see in  animals and birds.  You can fine sites to boondock all around Cibola.
Hope you enjoy the post as much as DesertDale has in taking his bird photos.  Kitfoxgal 

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