Saturday, August 27, 2016

Martis Creek Lake Birding Adventure

DsertDale took Kitfoxgal out on a birding advenseture because she was getting too damn crabby.  That did the trick folks.  Now I gave DesertDale a big hug.
Martis Creek Lake  was built when the Martis Creek dam was buiilt in 1972.  The Dam is 113 feet high and 2670 feet long.  It can hold up to 20,400 feet of water. and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
DesertDale took this photo of this fine old tree.  I sure it has seen many changes over the years.
This is a Brown Creeper was taken here at Alpine Meadows Camp Grounds.

Heading for Rio Linda in the morning.  DesertDale  said he would treat me to a lunch at Costco, in Sacramento, tomorrow, being that my attiude has changed.
DesertDale just told  me he got me a early Christmas gift, a new toilet for the  motorhome. Not every girl gets a toilet for a Christmas.

What ever you do enjoy life, as it is so short.  I differently have the right person to do that.  Kitfoxgal

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