Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Cibola Bird Run 12-13-16

 Good Morning to all my  Readers, out there in
this land of beauty.  We went on a Bird Run early this morning , here at Cibola NWR.  These are just a few of the birds we had the pleasure of seeing here.

The first one above and this  are a few of the  Canada Geese resting in the pasture above.  Plus the lone Canada Goose getting ready to land.  They are common and widespread. They are not always found in water.

This is a Great-blue Heron.  They are uncommon , but are widespread.  They nests in colonies in trees.  Usually seen alone.

The American White Pelican roosts on sandbars. They forages in shallow waiers of lakes , marshes and lagoonns.

This another Great-blue Hernon caught on a Osprey roosting nest in the NWR.  The park has them built all around the area.

This is a Sandhill Crane.  They can be found in large numbers..  They winter in marshes or on farmland.  They spend the nights in groups.

These were all found here at Cibola NWR.  This was our birding run for this morning .
There so much to see here.  Camping sites are not the best , but you can not have everything all the time.

All most forgot my favorite is the Burrowing Owl, that we saw on another outing.  We saw these at a earlier time.

Have a good day .  Kitfoxgal

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