Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Birds Of Many At Cibola

Good afternoon  Folks.  I was going to post this about  a week ago.  It looks like I never made that move.  Getting for forgetful in my old age.
The first photo was of  a flock of  Sandhill Cranes , pllus many other types birds at Cibola 
 Ferruginous Hawk perched on along roads and soaring over open  country.
Great Horned Owl.  They are real common .  Hunts at night.
This is a Loggerhead Shrike.  They are  an open-country bird.  They perch on wires or bush tops.
The Sandhill Crane is a highly social bird.   They nest in marshes.
The American Pelican  have a 9 foot wingspan.  They found on the coasts  and large lakes. They do not dive for there food like the Brown Pelicans.
The Great Blue Heron are the largest of the Heron.   Often seen by their self except around nesting colonies.
The Mountain Bluebirds found in wide open spaces.
This is a female Snow Goose .  They are in found in the winter on the open waters and a few large lakes.

Hope you enjoy this posting even if I did not post it a few weeks ago.  Kitfoxgal

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