Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Desert In Bloom

 Our travlers has taken us to the Tucson area.  We will spend a few days with fellow Boondocker's, here at our site near Tucson.
What a beauitful site it is the desert.  There is so much color, like the Brittlebush.  It growers in rocky to  gravel slopes or hillsides. 
They bloom from Nov. to May.
The Lupine are  many along the road sides.  They bloom from April To Oct.  They are poisonous to cattle.
The Globe Mellow is a rugged plant.  It thives in hot, sunny  dry areas. 

Then there is the Giant Saguaro that bloom   from May to June.  The fruit is plump.  With the outside green , inside red.  It was a important source of food for the Native Americans.  It is also  Arizonia's State  flower.
Enjoy the beauty of the out-doors, where ever you are at.  Kitfoxgal

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