Friday, March 12, 2010

Adventure to Yuma and More

Good morning folks. We have had some fun, that is if you want to call it fun, all over the place.
Our adventure started at our site, here at Bouse,Az.

The "generator" on our motorhome to a crap or I should say developrd a leak in one of the hose.
Believe me, you can not get to it unless you pulled the generator!!!! So DesertDale made appointment at a shop in Yuma. Which is about 115 miles on Hwy.95. At the Onan Shop on Short Way in Yuma. I can say one thing it is a rich man's shop. Desertdale was able to get it fixed for just a mere $725.00. I could not believe that it cost that much. We did get to park our rig at the shop for 2 days at no charge. Boy!!! That was a lucky brake lucky. That was so nice of the owner to let us park there. He charged us for about 6 hours work , when he did only about 2 hours and parts, which was a rubber hoses and fluid. It was harder to give him the $725.00 then it was to fix it. DesertDale said if it ever happens again he will do it, were ever he is at.
We did have some pretty good rain a day or so before we had to get the generator fixed. It has been a little on the cool side out here in the desert.

Here is a photo of a "Gila Woodpecker". He came to our site to eat on a apple core that Desertdale put out there by a tree near our site. We had them vist us last year also.

We have about 30 rigs here now. Rod got in a few days ago.

The guys went out bike riding to day. Well be posting those photos in a few days. I must say they are all pretty darn good looking in thier outfits. Even DesertDale in his miss matched outfit.


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