Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bike Riders Ride Again At Our Bouse Site

What a mighty good morning it has been: 1.DesertDale took me to breakfast. 2. I had a "morning fire" with out "Big Mouth" being there. 3. A group of fine "boondockers" were at the morning fire. 4. No clouds in site, full power all day.
The "Trail Riders" rook off on their bikes the other day, towards Quartzsite. Craig needed to pick up his "Harley", where he has it in storage. Then he would leave his Quad there and pick it up later.
The riders had a 46 mile ride. 4 riders gave up. Then headed back to our site. Craig went on to Quartzsite. So that left Dick, Richard and DesertDale to finish their ride of 46 miles.

Some of the boondockers that did not go on the bike ride stayed in camp to play a game called "Chase The Ace". I am very slow at learning something new so just watched. Here is a web site at Goggles that tells you all about it: "How To Play Chase The Ace" It looked like a fun game.

Folks I hope you all will enjoy the day as I do. Kitfoxgal

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