Friday, March 19, 2010

Adventure On The Back Roads To Camp Bouse

Hello to all my readers. So much has been going on here at our Bouse site.
First of all Craig thought it was time for a "Potato Bake". We had one great time, plus more then enough to eat. DesertDale and I went to the store for our selves and Craig. Craig in returned fixed the bake a potato for me. That was a fare exchange, I would say.

Then Doug and his girl friend wanted to do "A Egg-in-a-Basket" the next morning. As they were going depart our Bouse site that next afternoon. All that attended had more and enough to eat.

Then the best of all was Desertdale gave me one of his surprise rides to Camp Bouse, about 25 miles away. Boy! what a surprise it was. We did learn that short cuts may turn out to be a lot longer.
As we were driving our on Butler Valley Rd., we pasted a very large "Saguaro Cactus", were a "Red Tail Hawk" had built her nest. She was setting on the nest so was able to get some nice photos with-out getting her up-set. What a fantastic site that was. She was still set there when we returned, 3 hours later. So she had to have new chicks in there.

A farmer was on the road, in his pick-up. So we ask him were Camp Bouse was.. He gave us the direction, Thanks to the farmer we found Camp Bouse, that is just part of it. But that was better then missing it all togeither.
As the photo shows we were on the base grounds but never did find the main base site. Will find that another day.

Then DesrtDale really surprised me by treateing me to lunch at the "Cross Roads" in Bouse. Um!Um!Good.

So that brought us to "Happy Hour" back at our base site in Bouse. There were about 12 "boondockers" to enjoy the weather in front of Kent's morothome.

Camp Bouse is located in Butter Valley in Arizona. It was built as a spot for the Ninth Tank Group could train. The site was 10 miles by 30 miles. So had more then enough room.
The conditions were very harsh there. Then by April of 1944 the last units moved out of Camp Bouse.

We are having another one of those beautiful days, I must say. So glad that we have the motorhome and can ejoy it. Kitfoxgal

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