Monday, March 22, 2010

The Dove's Have Arrived and More

Hello to all. Leann took me into Bouse to do the wash first thing this morning. Then back to our site so I could get this blog posted.

We had "Happy Hour" at Richard and Marilyn yesterday. What a joy after the upsetting Happy Hour we had the day before. Marlyn and Richard are A1 hosts.
I will say one thing about our ride to Camp Bouse, We found what we missed before.
There is not much left of the camp. Sidewalks and roads and that is about it. It was only active for about 9 months.
On our way out to the Camp Bouse, once again, we passed the "Red Tail Hawks" nest once again. "Momma Hawk" was still sitting on her nest. Plus we also spotted a second hawk's nesting. Took photos but not all that great.
We got back to our camp site where they where having a "Biscuit Bake". Will be telling you more about that in a later posting... It sure looked like a lot of fun for the boondockers.
The most imported thing of all is that the doves have coming in to our site, 12 our more at a time. Love to hear that cooing. You sure do have to be quite as they spook very easy.
Time for that "good old shower". DesertDale just turn the water heater on. Whoopee!!!
Next posting will be from our Lake Havasu City site.

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