Friday, April 16, 2010

Parker We Have Retuned

Good afternoon folks. DesertDale has been keeping my behind on the busy side.
We went to Parker from Mark and Claudia's place, in the Foothill area of Yuma. Where DesertDale was able to get the Ford Pick-up back in shape.

We had a fare-well dinner for Mark and Caludia at the new "Mi Rancho" in Yuma. I will take the "Old Mi Rancho" on 4th any day. We had a excellent meal and very fine company but we did not get our tortillas until we were about half done with dinner. I think every one in Yuma came there for dinner that night.

On our way to Parker we had the thrill of seeing "Snoopy" being lower to the ground for repairs, at the Proving Grounds.

We also seen so much color along the road with the "Brittlrbush" and the "Globe Mallow" blooming.

We did have one h--- of a stop just pass the Border Patrol , on 95, wear they were paving the road. We finally made to our Parker site and who do you think was camped there? No other the "Messy Richard" who likes to throw his trash all over the place and never picks up after his self. He sure gave us, boondockers, a bad name when we were parked there at Thanksgiving time.

Hope you all enjoy life as I do. Kitfoxgal

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