Sunday, April 11, 2010

Adventures With Kent and More

Good morning folks. It is one fine desert morning, here at Mark and Claudia's site in the Foothill area of Yuma.
They do have a fantastic site. With a lot of extras plus all kinds of equipment parked on their site, as Mark's needs most of it for his job. They are in the process of moving from Bend,Oregon.
DesertDale and Marc are replacing the bearings and axle in DesertDale's pick-up, as they went out again, some 4 years ago. DesertDale and I went into the Ford Dealers, in Yuma, to order them. They will call when they come in a few days. Al, the man that helped us at the Ford dealers was A1.

Now I must tell you about this "sweet-big gum drop" of a man. I am sure most of you Escapee's know him. By now you know I am referring to Kent Johnson.
Him and Craig went out trail riding on their bikes. With out DesertDale to look after Kent, the day DesertDale and the Kitfoxgal left Lake Havasu. Kent had a accident and broke his hand . So now his poor hand is in a cast. Now I hope and DesertDale think that might be the end of his bike riding. "Leann you make sure you take care of all of Kent's needs".

Mikki and Stan are parked in the same area as we are. So of course we had to make a run over to visit them at their site. Stan is looking good. Mikki is holding up real fine. It looks like Stan's other knee will be worked on about the 5th of May. They sure hae a good view of the valley from their site.

In the mean time Desertdale and Mark are doing some repairs around Marc's space here in the Foothills.

DesertDale's parts will not be here until Wed. so this will be our home base until they get the pick-up running once again.

The Foothills has restaurants, beauty & barber shops, a small fully stocked grocery store and dancing at Mickey B's. There is a library, post office, 3 golf courses and Wal-Mart are all with-in a 5 mile radius.
Even the Border Patrol are kept busy . As they found a truck as thet found a truck with about 98 bundles of marijuana in the cab and bed. That goes to show you they are on their toes.

DesertDale and Marc are back for their run into Yuma looking for parts for a TV set-up. So it must be lunch time. Take care of those bodys you have. Kitfoxgal

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