Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Desert Comes To Life.

Hello once again. The wind it do it's usual thing here at Pilot Knob, blowing of dust, been setting in doors.
Well be moving to the Foothill area tomorrow, as Desertdale cousin came in from Oregan. They from a lot in that area. So will be there for a few days.
Let's talk about the wild flowers out here in this desert. What a site it becomes out here of beauty.
Brittle bush grows in soutwetern Utah, Western Atizona, Southern Nevada, Eastern California and down into Northwestern Mexico. The stems were chewed by the Native Americans. They were also used as an incense in church.
The Arizona Poppy grows from Southern Arizona to Western Texas, then into Mexico. It is not a true poppy but does resemble one. It is often see a long road ways.
Globe Mallow flowers from April to August. It grows from Central Canada down into New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. There are about 60 species.
Beavertail Cactus grows in Arizona on drt, rocky desert slopes. From Southwetern Utah down to Mexico.
Lupine many kinds of them. They grow along the road ways. from Canada to Mexico.
Then there is that Ocotillo with some 11 species. Most are found in North America. The only one found out side of North America is the very unusal "Boojum Tree". It grows in Baja. The leaves on these plants appear after a rain.
DesertDale and Mark have their chores done and are "BSing" in the shad.
Must run to the post office now. As I am sending one of my "beer can spinners" to my grandson Doug and Shantelle in California. Sure hope I have the pleasure to meet her again. She has been taking care of their horses, with help from other family members, now that Doug is working out of town some times.
Hope to be seeing some of the gang on the road. Miss our "Happy Hour" time with them. Kitfoxgal

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