Monday, April 05, 2010

Eyrasign Collared Doves Plus Happy Hour

Good morning to all my readers, out there in this land of "honey". What a fine place to live in a motorhome and see all these places of wonder.

We have been having "Happy Hour" with Dick and Virgina, either at their site or ours. They have such a interresting site. Someone has gone in there and made a catus garden and laid out rocks all around it. Who ever did the work did a A1 job.

The Euraisan Collared Doves were introduced to the Bahamas and then spread to Florida's northern borders. Then the west coast borders in 2003.
We had the pleasure of 8 of the doves hanging around our site at Pilot Knob.
The Ringed Tuttle Doves are smaller, shorter tailed and paler.

On Easter Sunday DesertDale and Dick went bike riding foe a few hours. I went over AJ and Gloria's for a "Easter Brunch". There was about 18 boonders there, enjoy the fine brunch. We had 4 guitar players and a dummer,who was kind of cute. AJ did real good at singing pretty darn good. Oh, Yes, and Gloria's ham was excellent. I loved the song called "Rooster". I will have to look on the internet to see if I can fine the words for it. It was funny.

DesertDale and Dick are off on their bikes once again the morning, wandering the hills, out here in this desert.

So-long for now. I am going over to see if Virgina wants to go into town to shop or just nose around, while the guys are out riding. Kitfoxgal

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