Friday, April 23, 2010

Randsburg Fading Into A Ghost Town.

Good Morning . What a fine "cool"morning we are having here at our Freemont Peak site. It got down to 33, the night before, on our thermometer. There was snow on the mountain tops.

DesertDale did not go on his bike ride this morning. He went in the afternoon. He did not want to get his "little tooties" to cold. He got to meet a couple of other riders on their bikes. They had a good ride. DesertDale had "Happy Hour" with them that afternoon at their rig, about 10 miles away.

Randsburg is not a complete ghost town. It does have numerous historic buildings. They contain small shops now, I mean very few. No grocery store. What they had as a store it was very small, with very few items. "No milk" so the clerk went and gave me about a quart out of the milk thet did have.

We went to pick the mail up at Joannsburg. I bet you can not guess where that Post Office was, in the only gas station around.

It was a Gold mining town that is try to preserve it. It is really fun to look at the old wreck of building that are still around.

DerstDale is about ready to take me on one of his "surpriesed rides". He finds them when he is out riding his, them takes me the next day or so. They all have been great.

We have burned the last of our wood, we found at our current site,this morning.Bah!!!
See you down the road sometime. Kitfoxgal

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