Thursday, April 22, 2010

Havey House Adventure and More

Good morning to all you fine folks out there.
We had one enjoyable adventure at the Stoddard OHV Area, near Barstow,Ca. Not only was there miles and miles of trails for DesertDale to explore there is so much around the area to look into.

I love to set here, in the motorhome, and watches the OHV's run their rigs. Fun,Fun!!
DesertDale took the photo of a racer, testing his ride, as he passed our rig.

There was "The Harvey House" in town to investagate. The Rt.66 "Mother Road" Musum is located in the Historic Harvey House also. Hours are Friday thru Sunday from 10 to 4. Of all things we get there on a Tuesday when they are not open.

On July 4, 2000 The Harvey House was dedicated as a museum. It was the 4th "HarveyHouse built by the Santa Fe Railway, along it right-of-way, operated by Fred Harvey.
Mr. Harvey started his business in Kansas in 1870. They always had good food and services. They had 84 sites at one time.
Mr. Harvey began hiring women when women was only getting domastic and teacher jobs.
Then in 1968 when the Amfar Corp. bought the Harvey House and that was the end of The Harvey House.
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We will be heading too Freemont Peak tomorrow, near Kramer's Junction.

Have a good day, as our sun is going under cover, so no power. Kitfoxgal
Enjoy life. Kitfoxgal

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