Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stoddard Valley OHV Area

Good afternoon folks. I must say that the wind is just as strong here as it was on Sidewinder Rd. It must have follow us.
Stoddard Valley OHV, near Barstow,Ca., has some steep, rocky moutains, rolling hills, open valleys and winding washes.
BLM has a 14 day limit here but that is about it. All rules are posted at the entrance. There are no trash cans or water but they do have a very few bathrooms. There are acres and acres of room to boondock and ride your bikes or quads. Trails are every were.
Highest point is 2,800 ft. at Turtle Valley. There are creosote bushes, some grass,you have to look hard for it, wild flowers and joshua trees. Have not found any of those yet.
It is off I15. Take the Outlet Center Dr. ramp. L34.886885, L-117.03488.
There are lots of things to see and not far away. (thanks to goggle for one photo)

Here is some info on "Desert Iguana". They are found in the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts of Southern Neveada, S.W. Utah, S.central Arizonz, N.W. Mexico and South Baja.
They live in rocky areas and creosote bushes. They like to take over abandoned burrow.
They are from 10 to 16 inchs long. Their bodies are large and round, with a long tail.
They eat flowers and various types of insects. They lay up to 10 eggs at a time. in May and late June. in late July abd Aug.

The clouds have arrived and the sun has gone good by. So off the Indnet until it shines once again.
Will see you all at our next site at Freemont Peak. Kitfoxgal

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