Monday, April 26, 2010

Spangler Hills OHV Trip

Good afternoon folks. Hope you all are enjoy life as much as I am with DesrtDale. It has been nice and warm out here in the beautiful windy, desert windy. Shorts and short sleeve tops are in order. I must say it is real enjoyable with no wind, I lied about it just came up and blowing like h---. Your eyes can see for miles and miles and nothing but the wilderness to view.

I must say this the first thing: "Welcome Home Linda"

On our way to Ridgecrest the other day we drove by "Spangler Hills OHV". It was just another site DesertDale found as he was looking through his bible,the atlas.

You go south on 395 to Red Mountain. Turn on Trona-Red Mountain Road then you go right to the OHV area.

There are 2 other staging areas also. We are boondocking at one of those.
There is 57,000 acres of open public land where you can ride and camp were ever you want. There is no restriction as too how long you can stay or ride your vehcile. There are miles and miles of trails for DesertDale to ride his KTM.

If you like to explore old mining camps, then there are a few of those around.

Ridgecrest is in the southestern part of Indian Wells Valley.
There are 4 mountain ranges near by the Sierra Nevada Range, Cosos Range, the Argus Range and the El Paso Range. With 2 major highways 395 ans 14.

It came into a being a very busy city in th 1950's and 1960's when the Naval Weapons Center at China Lake came to town.
The population is around 27,000.
There is a Albertson's and even a WalMart there.

I really think I would say the Freport site is at the top of my list for boondocking.

DesertDlae has fixed us a "Don Pancho" and Cream for Happy Hour. Um!umy!!! Kitfoxgal

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