Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ridgecrest Has Much To Offer

Good Morning to all you fine folks out there in this land of beauty. What a life DesertDale has shown me, it's fantastic.
The town of Ridgecrest was also known as Cumville. It is the only incorported city along 395 in Kern County.
I is within 2 hours of the highest and lowest points in the U.S., (continenal U.S.)
The post office came in 1941. The Navy establidhed it's base there in 1943.
In 1995 they had a sequence of earthquakes. Then some 2,5000 aftershocks, over a 5 week period, was filt.
They have a real nice museum, Maturango Museum. They give guided tours on the China Lake Naval Weapons Station.
It also has a Coso Rock Art District with many of petroglyphs. The Big and Little Petroglyph Canyon were declared a National Histoeic Landmart in 1964.
There is much more that Ridegcrest offers their vistors.
TheCoso Rock Art District is a National Historic Landmark. It is found in U.S. Navy's testing station at their base.

We did finally found water in RidgeCrest at their fairgrounds and R.V. Park for
for $3.00.
Then DesertDale took me the long way back to our site. It was 11 miles of the roughest d--- road that DesertDale ever took me on. That will be my posting tomorrow.
I have to post something just about every day now or things will get away from me.


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