Friday, April 30, 2010

Trona Rairoad & Trona Pinnacles Fun Sites

Good morning to all you fine folks out there. We went into Ridgecrest for supplies.
Now that we are back at our rig and the sun is out. We got power.

DesertDale has found a couple of more sites to take me too. He has been very faithful at finding sites when he rides his KTM.

The Trona Railroad is not that far from our site. As we can see the train when he comes around the mountain. As the photo by the poto.
It comes by our boondocking site everyday about 5p.m. Usually with 5 engines, pulling up a steep grade. He has diffirent amount of gondolas everyday and they are all with covers over them.
I have not notice but I think there is just the "hog-head" and "conductor".
Then on their retun trip just the engines come back or once in a while they bring the empty gondolas.

In 1913 the American Trona Co. decided to build it's own railroad. At one time they offer passenger service. Then in 1937 it stop the passenger service.
It has all of 30.5 miles of track,owened by Searles Vally Minerals now.

It haules sufuric acid, soda ash, potash, borax, coal, minerals and material for the U.S. Navy Base.

The "Trona pinnales are one of the most unusal geologic sites found in the desert in California. It is calcium carbonate pinnacles. It rises from the bed of the Searles Dry Lake bain. Some rise to over 140 feet. They were formed under water 10,000 to 100,000 years ago when the Searles Lake was formed.

It was one of the roughest rides DertDale ever took me on. At one point I thought we were never going to find the right road. But leave it to "The Master" he found the right trail, that was fit for bikes. It was some 11 long. It is real easy to get lost also.

Have a good week. Kitfoxgal

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