Saturday, May 01, 2010

On The Road - At Dirty Sock Hot Spring

Hello to all you fine folks out there.
We lift Ridgecrest now heading for "Dirty Sock Hot Spring", in California.
There are 2 tubs here,one small and one large. We are parked right at the small one. It even come with a cement slab for a patio. Oh, Yes we also have millions of bugs,on the water.
Natural mineral water flows through a large pipe, into a cement-lined pool. It is about 90. The temperature of the water goes up and down, it depends on the wind and air temperature. What Desertdale like's clothing is optonal. There is one thing you shpould know it gets scummy in the summer. Plus there a few bird watchers the visit the area. It is a great site for the birds. The photo od the Iris that DesertDale took is the real thing. They just happen to take off when we were walking by.
There are acres of unmarked level spaces. Even with 2 cement slabs for a patio. Also you get a real nice view of th snow cover mountians.
It is about 5 miles to the nearest store and service station.
When we were parked at our last site we had 2 doves visiting us.
The morning doves are the most frequently hunted species in North America. (here's hoping the hunters miss every one they shoot at.)
They preferred the open areas. They usually stay away from forest areas and wet lands.
They are a short lived species, with a life span of about a year.
Love to hear that "cooing" in the morning or any time as far as that goes. They think there are about "350 million" of them.
Want beautiful day it has been. That "Sidewinder" wind that followed us from Yuma area went back home yesterday. I think that wind got scared when it seen the snow. Ha!Ha!
As you can see by the one photo this is a great site for bird watching. There have been severl kinds landing aroud the area. Egrets was passing by and DesertDale got a beauty of a pitcure of them flying. This photo is the original photo that DesertDale took.

Lunch time. Kitfoxgal

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