Monday, May 03, 2010

Cerro Gorda Ghost Town Riding Adventure

Good morning to all. Desertdale took me on one fantasic ride. I did not think the could get any better then the last one but he has out done his self once again.
We drve up to the ghost town town of "Cerro Gorda". It is some 9,000 feet high, in the inyo Mountains. The road was dirt,7 1/2 miles long, scary and rough. Lets just say I would not like to do it again.
It wasfirst discovered in 1865. Operation of the mine continued until 1959.
The American Hotel still stands, plusss a few other buildings, like the livery stable and a couple of homes. It looks like there is life there. As we seen two pick-ups park by the homes..
As much as $13,000,000.00 in silver and lead buillion came out of the mine.
There are "No Trespassing signs all over the places. So the pitcures had to taken from the road.
The American Hotel is the oldest hotel in California. Electricity did not reach the hotel for some 45 years.
Like I said the roads where rough,not paved. At times I could sware there was no road.
But what a joy it turned out to be. Scarey but fun riding with DesertDale.
I must say "Dirty Sock Hot Springs" is one of the best places ,we have been at, for bird watching. We have so many photos of them that one of my posting will be just on birds seen there.
WE are now at the "Alabama Hills" for a few days. It was a move from "Dirty Socks" to "Alabama Hills" all of some 30 miles. That sure was a long days run.

Hope to see you down the road one of these days. Kitfoxgal

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