Monday, May 10, 2010

Whoopi!!!! Had To Make A Weather Stop!!!!

Good morning to all, on this wet, windy and cold day, out in this desert.
We had to stop because the wind was very strong yesterday.
Will be heading to Sacramento area when it clears up.

I want to say first, before I get into my next story, we had a marvelous site at "Fish Lake Hot Well".

The DesertDale picked a site we boondock for the night site, where the business was closed for Mother's Day and Mondays, I think any way. Their names are "The Playmate Ranch" and "The WildKat" . They are a legal business in Nevada.

While we were parked there, one gentleman drove up, got out, then walk up to the door and it was closed. The poor guy had bad luck as they just happen to be closed.

Brotheles are legel in the these countys, in Nevada, Storey and Lyon.
The "Playmate" is 3 miles south of Mina, NV. That was just in case any one wanted to know.

There are 30 legal and licensed brothels in Nevada. Each county were it is legal , has the right to decide wheather or not to allow a legal brothel in that county.

The county law enforcement agencies does watch them very closely.
No one under 18 is allowed in.

We have made it to Scott Camp near Siver Spings, NV. Will be on our way tomorrow.
Take care and enjoy life. Kitfoxgal

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