Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rio Linda Adventure With Our Gang Of Friends

Good afternoon to all. This has been a little slow posting this time around. DesertDale has been keeping my "b---" busy. Then we had "doctor" appointments, hair appointments, motorhome appoints , you name it and we had to do it. So being we were here in the area until about the 8th of June we thought it was time to move. As you can see this dinner events happen a few days ago, thanks to Olivia.
"Good Morning to all you fine folks out there. We are parked in Rio Linda,Ca.,at Robert and Oliviea's. I must say they are "A1" host and hostes.
Rod and Linda are here also. As we all have some doctor's appointments, here in the area.

As you can see by the photo Olivia has put Rod to work, modeling her blanket. She makes these for gifts to her fiends.
She has her hobbie set up in her home as you can see. Oh! Yes she is a marvelous cook.

Robert also has one excellent hobbie called "arcery". He makes his own "arrows "and "bows", out in his work house, in the back.

Being Robert and Olivia likes keeping out of trouble they both preform in "Old Western" skits.

Then at "Happy Hour" one day they thought of having a dinner of "Cornbeef and Cabbage".
I must say this once again Olivia did one fantastic job. Now I will get this posted even if it is a little on the late side.


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